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Dead, but Not for Long

ISBN-13: 978-1482516487

When the first outbreaks occurred, the reports were quickly stifled. By the time the dead began to walk in Lansing, Michigan, it was already too late to stop the plague.In the heart of the city, a child with cancer and her caretaker risk their lives to help a security guard and a nurse secure an old hospital.As the survivors struggle to stay alive, the grid begins to fail.


All the while, the dead fight to get inside.


* * *


As the world crumbles around them, Keith, Lindsey, Jack and a handful of other hospital employees fight to keep their patients alive.  Will they work together and become a community or will it all fall apart as different personalities collide?


There is Eric Wapowski, the hospital security guard who is more of a hindrance than a help; Dr. Doune, brain surgeon and sociopath, who has been tasked with the job of researching the plague; and Autumn McAllister, a nine-year-old cancer patient who is old beyond her years.


When Snake and his gang of bikers find out about the hospital, will they want it for themselves? As the city is left to burn, will those that stay be able to make a stand against the ever-growing legion of dead closing in on them?


Dead, but Not for Long is sometimes dark, but there are moments of levity and a message of hope as well as a few surprises along the way. It is not a book about skilled fighters with state-of-the-art weapons, but ordinary people thrust into the darkest of circumstances.


What will they do to stay alive?

Pestilence and Promise
Dead, but Not for Long II

ISBN-13: 978-1496005090

As a devastating plague spreads across the world, a band of survivors secure a small hospital in Lansing, Michigan, which becomes an island of hope in an ever expanding sea of chaos.


Working together, the residents of St. Mary’s help to rescue those who have been fighting a hopeless battle against the reanimated dead.


They soon learn they are not alone, as they stumble across another group of survivors. When the leaders of this group discover that those at St Mary’s have something they desperately want, they will do anything in their power to get it. Not only do the survivors at St. Mary’s have to fight the dead, but they must keep themselves safe from the tentacles of this powerful group.



Eric the Zombie Slayer

ISBN-13: 978-1490401379

A plague has been unleashed, decimating the planet. The bodies of the infected dead are reanimating with one obsession . . . to feast on the living. While bands of humans fight to survive, elite groups live comfortably behind hastily built walls. In Lansing, Michigan, an old man wields his power over one such community with an iron fist.

Enter Eric Wapowski, a bumbling hospital security guard who bluffs his way into the false paradise. An unfortunate series of events leaves the old man, along with his entourage, stranded with Eric far from the safety of the walled community. Eric assures them that his extensive knowledge and training will keep them safe during their journey back home. God help them.
For those who love to hate Eric, follow him as he discovers secrets about a new, powerful dystopian society that is beginning to rise from the ashes of the devastated planet. His exciting journey through a zombie-filled Michigan will keep you rooting for him, or possibly hoping for his death.


This is a novella - approx. 25,000 words. 


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